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Descarrilados (2021) 1080p Torrent

Descarrilados (2021) Torrent

Descarrilados (2021) Comedy | 6 August 2021 (Spain)
Director: Fer García-RuizWriter: David MarquésStars: Julián López, Ernesto Sevilla, Arturo VallsSummary: Pepo, Roge, Costa and Juan Luis are four 20-year-olds who tried to pull off the very much dreamed Interrail trip, but their adventure is short-lived as it ends abruptly at their first stop, Paris, destroying their friendship in the process. Twenty years later, Juan Luis has recently deceased and his last will is that he will give away his juicy fortune to his three former friends, but only if they can successfully pull off the Interrail trip that ended their friendship the first time around, and even worse, they have to drag their friend's ashes with them so that he can also "live" the experience with them. Out of "love" for their former friend, the three 40-year-old teenagers will have to learn to solve their differences, visit the same towns and have the same good time as when they were 20-year-olds - but, inevitably enough, all of this will be done in a much more pathetic way, and worst of all, with their cholesterol as high as it can possibly get.


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Tres amigos cuarentones de toda la vida emprenden una gran gira de Interrail para honrar a su amigo recientemente fallecido.




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