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Dos Colegas y la Gran Bestia (2021) 1080p Torrent

Dos Colegas y la Gran Bestia (2021) Torrent

Knutsen & Ludvigsen 2 - Det store dyret (2020) Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical | 78min | September 25, 2020 (Norway) 6.7
Director: Gunhild Enger, Rune SpaansWriter: Øystein DolmenStars: John F. Brungot, Hermann Sabado, Per Inge TorkelsenSummary: Life in the tunnel is going well for Tootson, Ludiwood and Badger-oh! A life of singing, eating jam and friendly teasing. But one day they are visited by a Train Conductor. She is very stern and she has an eviction letter! Tunnels are for trains, not people, and they must all get out. Immediately!But Tootson & Ludiwood have an idea: Tootson's grandfather can surely save them! The legendary pirate Captain Tootson has a wooden leg, a ruined reputation and knows Chinese Kung Splash! But where is he?Tootson and Ludiwood embark on a wild adventure to find Captain Tootson and save their tunnel home.Their search for Captain Tootson takes the best friends to the most incredible places, such as the North Pole, the tropical South and the highest of celestial heights. Wherever they travel, they end up in trouble - be it with hungry polar bears, extreme licorice candy, aggressive cherubs or expired vintage cod liver oil. But it turns out that help is closer than they realize. It lives in the tunnel, and has a hundred heads and more than fourteen legs..."Two Buddies and a Badger 2 - The Great Big Beast" is an extension of the original, classic story about Norway's family favorite musicians Knutsen & Ludvigsen, which has been told in many different forms over the past five decades including as a radio play, a record album, and in a number of stage versions."Two Buddies and a Badger 2 - The Great Big Beast" will have its domestic cinema premiere on September 25, 2020, 50 years after the duo first debuted on record.In the film we meet several well-known characters from the Tootson & Ludiwood universe who did not appear in the first animated film; The Great Big Beast, the Train Conductor and of course Captain Tootson. Besides, we get to experience many more of the classic songs, including Hello! Hello!, Dumb and Dandy, Grandpa Song, The Packed Lunch Song, and Cow in the Tunnel.The script was written by Øystein Dolmen, who co-created Tootson and Ludiwood together with Gustav Lorentzen. The film is directed by Rune Spaans (Two Buddies and a Badger, Bold Eagles) and Gunhild Enger (The Committee), and produced by Ingunn Sundelin and Eric Vogel for Tordenfilm, in co-production with Qvisten Animation.


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La vida en el túnel va bien para Knudsen y Ludvigsen. Allí tienen una vida llena de canciones, tostadas con mermelada y bromas. Pero un día llega allí una conductora de tren, con una carta de desalojo: los túneles son para trenes, no para personas, y todos deben salir de allí inmediatamente. Sin embargo, Knudsen y Ludvigsen tienen una idea: el abuelo del primero seguramente puede salvarlos. El legendario pirata Capitán Knudsen tiene una pierna de palo y una temida reputación ¿Pero dónde está? Los dos colegas se embarcarán en una aventura salvaje para encontrar al marinero y salvar su casa en el túnel.




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