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Live is Life (2021) 1080p Torrent

Live is Life (2021) Torrent

Live is Life (2021) Comedy, Drama | 13 August 2021 (Spain) 8.0
Director: Dani de la TorreWriter: Albert EspinosaStars: Adrián Baena, Juan del Pozo, Raúl del PozoSummary: Summer 1985. As with every year, Rodri (Adrián Baena) leaves Catalonia and returns to his parents' Galician town to reunite with his gang. However, this year will be different for him and his friends. The real world problems begin appearing in their lives, threatening to drift the group apart. Clinging onto the friendship that joins them, the five friends plan to run away on Saint John's Eve night to search for a magical flower that, as per legend, grows up high a mountain and can make wishes come true. Becasue right now, their only wish is to solve their distressed friend's issue and, thus, remain together. An adventure that will make them grow through a fascinating tale full of action, emotion and hope, and that will permanently leave in their memories that summer where the song "Live is Life" by Opus played in the background.


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Cinco amigos pasan un último verano juntos mientras comienzan la transición a la edad adulta.




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